About The Cause


GOALS4CAUSE is a non-profit organization that has the mission of bringing volunteer service opportunities to every OP soccer team, the players, and their families. As a club that is already high-functioning in many aspects, the inclusion of a community service platform will only expand on the values that the OP Soccer club instills in its players.

By publicly advertising ongoing events and making additional service projects available, this platform will hopefully make volunteer service a more attainable reality for all of our soccer teams. Even though this is a relatively new initiative, these services can be used at any time and by any age group. Ideally, larger volunteer projects will draw in multiple teams and foster a tighter sense of community within the immediate club.

The Proof

GOALS4CAUSE was instituted and inspired by one particular OP team, the U19 OP Select Girls. This team has been playing together for about 8 years and has openly welcomed new members and sadly said goodbye to others. Even though the roster has slightly fluctuated, the bond that this team retains represents the pinnacle of camaraderie.

As a current player on the team, I can personally attest to the fact that volunteer service has significantly transformed our team dynamic for the better. Throughout my five years as a player, the various service projects that this team has completed has left us feeling a type of fulfillment that cannot be attained through a perfect first touch or pass. We had found a new purpose together, one that might not have been on the field but was equally as important.

Incorporating volunteer service into a team is a significant benefit that enhances team unity and personal fulfillment. The act of volunteering will bring teammates closer together and foster tighter camaraderie. Even though these bonds are not being formed on the pitch, they will transcend into the team’s play through relationships and communication.