Orchard Park Soccer Club and GPS-NY partnership

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Orchard Park Soccer Club (OPSC) has partnered with GPS-NY to provide a professional structure and focus on the development of all players and coaches involved within OPSC.  The vision for this partnership is to maximize the resources available to help develop the players and coaches as students of the game, to help them develop both on and off the field!

GPS-NY Support

Through this partnership, GPS –NY will provide on and off field support for both players and coaches through;

  • GPS Curriculum & Technical Documentation
  • Player Evaluations
  • Constant Communication between GPS staff and OPSC coaches
  • Coaching Symposiums and Clinics to help develop coaching throughout the club.

Player Development

Player Development will play a fundamental role in the partnership of GPS-NY and OPSC.

Player development will focus on the 4 pillars of the game;

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physical
  • Psychological

To help with the development of all players within this alignment there will be a clear player development pathway. This will help ensure that there is a clear development process from all players who join the program from the junior’s program up to when they finish playing.

 GPS-NY OPSC Juniors

An integral element of the GPS-NY and OPSC partnership will be the introduction of the GPS-NY/OPSC Juniors. This program will be supplementary training for players aged 3-8 years old. This program will be focused on technical and physical development of youth players. GPS-NY coaches will deliver a curriculum which will focus on the fundamentals of the game within a fun environment.

Those players who wish to avail of the auxiliary training must still remain part of OPSC House or OPSC travel programs and may not solely partake in the additional GPS programming.

  • 1st touch (3-4 years)
  • Kick Start (5-6 years)
  • Early Development Program (EDP) (7-8 years)

Please click here for a link to the GPS-NY website and more information about the program.